I’ve been tagged for 7x7x7!!!! 1

7x7x7 Challenge


The lovely Hetal Avanee tagged me for the 7x7x7 challenge on Twitter. This snippet is from my WIP Called BOUND TO DARKNESS (title will probably change). It’s a YA Steampunk Fantasy with Sci-fi and Greek mythology woven into the story. Here it is!


“Need I remind you what will happen if you fail me?”

“That will not be necessary, I am bound to you and I will complete this task,” I say, clasping my hands in front of me. None live who have failed Queen Medusa.

“Very well. I expect her here before dusk.”

I bow and turn, briskly heading out of her sitting room. The Queen is testing me with this request. She has never sent me to fetch a Titan since I was snatched and forced into the Death Ring Order. I am the enforcer. Her personal assassin.

Her prized possession.


I went over a bit, but you get the idea!!! Now, to find someone to tag…

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