#PitchWars Mentee Bio 14

  Hello!! Thank you for visiting my small space on the internet! I’m ecstatic about entering Pitch Wars this year. I’ve waited for over two years to do this, so it has been a LONG time coming (had to write a book worth reading about and life seemed to happen at the worst possible moments) and I could explode from my excitement. So, who is Monica M. Hoffman? And why […]

My Playlist – Pitch Slam Contest

Hello music lovers and rockin writers! My playlist is below. I usually need silence to write, but there are days when I need a little motivation. Thank you Pitch Slam for this great suggestion! Check out the Pitch Slam Contest Here SAIL – Awolnation TOO CLOSE –  Alex Clare FEEL SO CLOSE – Calvin Harris UPRISING – Muse PANIC STATION – Muse BRAVE – Sara Bareilles MY SONG KNOWS WHAT YOU […]

Get To Know You Blog Hop – LV14 24

How do you remember your first kiss? Honestly, I can’t remember my first kiss. I think it was in third grade with a boy who I would have liked to think was my boyfriend at the time…but I can’t be sure. It was probably on the playground and it was probably bloody awful because I can’t remember it. What was your first favorite love song? These questions are taking me […]