4 Reasons Why You Should Enter Pitch Wars (Do it! Do it! Do It!) 1

Why? Because…

its magical

In all seriousness, because…

ONE: Get guidance and insight into your manuscript by published/agented authors, editors, or publishing interns. This should be one of the driving forces into why you want to enter Pitch Wars. This contest is not for the faint of heart. This is not a contest where you enter a manuscript you think is perfect in every way. Not to say it shouldn’t be polished and in the best shape you can make it on your own. The sole purpose of this contest is to work with a mentor for two months to revise the manuscript to prepare you for the agent round or the query trenches if you don’t land an agent immediately following the agent round. Be prepared to work hard (when I say hard, I mean cutting entire chapters, or even acts, and in some cases, starting from scratch), but in the end your manuscript will be stronger than when you submitted it and you will have gained valuable knowledge and skills.

That’s worth its weight in gold.

worth gold

TWO: The ability to showcase your new and polished manuscript in an agent round with reputable agents. Last year there were over 40 agents from some of the top agency in the country browsing pitches and first pages and requesting fulls and partials. This year, each age group will get their day to shine, giving the agents more time to read through the pitches. Following the 2015 agent round, over a dozen mentees snagged an agent. To this day, over 50 mentees now have agents and even a handful have book deals. This is no joke. The number of Pitch Wars success stories keep growing. Shoot, another success story is probably happening as I type this post.

If you are willing to work hard, dreams can come true!

dreams do come true

THREE: Find a home in a large community of writers with the same ambitions and love for the craft of writing. This to me in many ways should be the number one reason to enter. I told myself over and over before the Pitch Wars 2015 mentee picks were announced that I had already won. And I had. I met so many writers in a three week span leading up to the announcement and even found critique partners I still work with today. After being picked as a mentee, I gained 125 friends as we shared our ups and downs in search for our perfect agent whether it be through the agent round, or querying. Writing can be a lonely venture and finding people you can connect with who are in it because of their love of writing, it is priceless.

group hug2

FOUR: If anything, enter for the entertainment you’ll witness stalking the Pitch Wars hashtag on Twitter. Last year there was a night where the mentee hopefuls shared pics of their pets, there were GIF dance parties, movie nights, and mingling among like-minded individuals. You never know what you’ll find or who you will meet! Get ready to have some fun. Yes, house chores may be neglected, but in the end, it’s all worth it!

dancing batman darth and death star Princess Bride face slap

Take it from someone who went into Pitch Wars with an open mind, looking to gain connections and knowledge, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

Loki thumbs up

I’m so blessed Brenda Drake created the contest and Wendy Spinale, my mentor, took a chance on me and worked with me for 2 months (and after the agent round) to prepare me for what’s next in my writing journey. Today, I have two wonderful agents, Tricia Skinner and Laurie McLean with Fuse Literary! Pitch Wars was a spring board for me and it can be for you, too! Take the leap!!

Want to know how to prepare for Pitch Wars 2016? Hop on over to Dan Koboldt’s website where his co-mentor Michael Mammay talks about how to prepare for Pitch Wars based off his own experience. Check it out HERE.


Pitch Wars Schedule:

July 20th – August 3rd: Pitch Wars Mentor Bios and Wishlists Blog Hop

August 3rd: Submission Window opens

November 3rd – 9th: Agent Showcase

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Next time: How I Snagged My Wonderful Agents

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